Innovation Pathways are designed to facilitate a seamless transition from BoomTown to BoldTrail and BoldTrail Pro

These pathways are unique to you as an existing BoomTown client, with consideration for individual business needs, goals, and structure to ensure that you are set up for success with your new Inside Real Estate platform.

Check out the process overviews, FAQs, and more below!

Your Team of Experts

Implementation Team

These are the representatives who handle setting up your new account, from MLS and IDX feeds to website, CRM, and more! They’ll be your first point of contact throughout this process, here to help ensure your Innovation Pathway is easy and streamlined.

Customer Adoption Specialist

Your Customer Adoption Specialist is your designated go-to person for all things onboarding and adoption to ensure you and your platform are set up for success, from feature overviews to best practices to engaging your team and beyond!


We know transitioning to a new platform can have its quirks, so the Billing team is here to help answer any bill-related questions you have as you navigate through your Innovation Pathway. You can reach them at

Implementation Timeline Overview

Let’s quickly review the implementation timeline for your Innovation Pathway:

Within 2-3 business days of signing your contract, we will send over an email to explain next steps. You’ll find a link to schedule your kick-off call with our implementation team in this email!

IDX access will be established

You will need to confirm your MLSs with us as part of the post-contract follow-up. From there, we will initiate the IDX process.

Leads360 Add On

User accounts and logins will be set up

User accounts will be created on your new platform automatically. We will share your admin login and password shortly after.

We’ll connect

We’ll discuss getting your new account set up for success, from your MLSes to your website to your users and more! We can’t wait to speak with you.

Your new website will be created

Your new website will reuse most of the information that was gathered to initially set up your BoomTown website. We will discuss options for any additional content you may want to recreate on the kickoff call.  

Because we love you! We will provide access to your BoomTown website and custom pages that were created, behind a login so you can access information to recreate it on your new site.

Your MLS(s) are ready to connect to your site

There is nothing for you to do at this point! MLS approval is a required step to launch so this will just mean we are almost ready to take your new site live 🙂

Let’s get you launched!

We will schedule a call with you to connect the last pieces to take your new site live as well as answer any outstanding questions. Don’t worry though – we won’t go live without your approval first!

All systems go!

When your platform is ready, all you will need to do is send your agents an automated welcome email.

Note that because lender accounts can change at any moment we will let you recreate these accounts if you wish to invite your lender partners to your new platform

You’ll keep working your leads

You and your team will continue working in your BoomTown CRM while we set up your new platform. When the new platform launches, we will migrate your leads over to your new platform! We’re happy to clarify any questions you have here.

Data Transfer

What moves over?

Contact Data

Search Alerts (e-Alerts)




Property Views

Search Alerts (e-Alerts)

Customer Adoption

Adoption Journey

Step One

You will connect with your Customer Adoption Specialist within one week of launching your new platform.

Step Two

During these calls, we’ll take the time to translate practices from BoomTown to your new platform while also showcasing the enhanced functionality and tools you’re receiving!

NOTE: This will last up to 60 days (depending on your needs).

Step Three

What will be covered in your adoption journey?

  • Introductions, account navigation, training your team, and goals
  • Automation tools, campaigns, and insights
  • Database management, prospecting, and bolding your agents accountable
  • Your website, landing pages, and content
  • Overview of tools and services available within the IRE Marketplace and anything additional that you want to cover.
  • What are your training options? We have a Learning Portal with eLearning courses for anything you’ll want to learn about the platform. We suggest you start with the Admin Quick Start and the Agent Quick Start. You’ll find the link to your Learning Portal in your CRM by going to the training tab in the left hand navigation.

A day in the life

BoldTrail + BoldTrail Plus + BoldTrail Pro

BoldTrail Capabilities

  • Customizable IDX Websites
  • AI-powered Smart CRM
  • Listing Management & Marketing
  • Business Intelligence & Analytics
  • Transaction Management Integration
  • Marketplace & Integrations

BoldTrail Plus Capabilities

All the capabilities from BoldTrail and…

  • Present
  • ListingMachine
  • DesignCenter

BoldTrail Pro Capabilities

All the capabilities from BoldTrail Plus and…

  • CoreHome
  • PRO Website Templates
  • Access to the PRO Desk team, a team of best practice experts that assist you within your platform

BoomTown BoldTrail Pro

How do I access and complete my daily activities?

Where: Messages and NOW Panel → Dashboard

How: You can utilize the dropdown menu or the clickable tabs to the right of the dropdown menu on your dashboard to access Newly registered leads and reach out accordingly.You will need to confirm your MLS(s) with us as part of the post-contract follow-up. From there, we will initiate the IDX process.

  • If you have these leads on Smart Campaigns (aka Smart Drips), you’ll likely have a to-do to call the lead on your Daily Call List and they should have already been texted and/or emailed via your Smart Campaign.
  • Please note that Migrated contacts will not automatically be put on a Smart Campaign.
  • Should you choose to Bulk Import leads after your BoomTown database has been migrated, you will have the option to apply a Smart Campaign to your leads during import.
Leads360 Add On

Where: To-Dos Tab (checkmark) Dashboard

How: Call + Tasks tabs via the dashboard

  • To complete a call via your Calls Tab, click on the blue call button to the right.
  • Your tasks will include instructions. Once completed, click “done” to the right.

Where: Messages Tab Dashboard

How: You can utilize the dropdown menu or the clickable tabs to the right of the dropdown menu on your dashboard to access New Texts and New Emails

Where: NOW Panel Dashboard

How: Your Dashboard will highlight lead activities such as property favorites, multiple property views, questions, showing requests, and more.

  • HOT leads signify a lead that has triggered 4 or more Behavioral Alerts: Learn More HERE
  • Behavioral Alerts are set up to trigger automation in your btPRO system. When leads perform some of these key actions, there are email and text responses set up to go out to ensure that the action does not go unacknowledged. The above article provides an overview of Behavioral automation, including how to turn this off and how to preview/edit the communication being sent out.

Where: Access your Smart CRM (the equivalent of Lead Central)

  • Use Smart Filter to find:
  • New, Prospect, and Active leads without running a Smart Campaign.
  • Verify that all New, Prospect, and Active leads are on a Search Alert.
  • Sort your leads by last visit and reach out to leads that have been on your site recently, but received no communication.
  • Check all of your Saved Smart Filters and utilize Mass actions as necessary.
  • Saved or Pinned Smart Filters = Smart Segments

Review your Business Analytics periodically throughout the week to check for leads that may have slipped through the cracks.

  • Identify Unengaged leads via BoldTrail Activity tab
  • Review percentage of calls and tasks completed

When it comes to learning the ins and outs of your new account be sure to check out:

Lead Generation Options

Lead Generation

Please note: If you are using BoomTown to manage your paid advertising campaigns, those will be paused the day before your BoomTown site is no longer available to the general public. You will be billed in arrears for the spend incurred prior to pause.

Experience the advantages of deploying a comprehensive strategy including top and mid-funnel marketing activities. A successful marketing package that includes Google and Facebook lead generation PLUS live concierge support to engage and qualify new leads in your pipeline.

Instantly boost listings on Facebook and Instagram to build your buyer pool, showcase your local expertise, and impress your buyers with digital marketing that drives real leads.

Keep your database growing with fresh leads each month by leveraging visually engaging, branded carousel ads, featuring multiple listings on Facebook and Instagram ads.


Your new platform and any lead generation services will be billed in advance, whereas your BoomTown platform fees were billed in advanced,  with lead gen billed in arrears. Not to worry though! Once your Innovation Pathway has been initiated, Billing will be reconciled between your BoomTown platform and your new account. Please view the matrix below to see how this works.

Note that this is an example, and your situation may look different based on your unique setup.